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Being self-sufficient means you can take control of your home energy needs, dramatically lower your electricity bills, and have power during a blackout thanks to solar panel systems, batteries and virtual power plants (VPP).

So why Solar + Battery + VPP? And why now?

Get one of the smartest home battery systems in the world. Install an intelligent solar power storage system that auto-adjusts the energy use in your home.

  • Independently supply yourself with clean energy
  • Protect yourself from energy price hikes
  • Designed in Germany. Made in Australia.

With the recent announcement that 17,500 household battery rebates are now available to Victorians in EVERY POSTCODE, this really is an unbeatable choice for your first renewable energy investment. Get in quick before they’re all gone!

What’s better? $0 Down. 

Call a Sapphire Specialist today on 1300308751 to CLAIM YOUR $4174 REBATE and pave your way to $0 bills.