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Petrine Palmer

Unbelievable savings. After adding a battery with some more solar to our existing system we now have no bill but a $25/month credit on average for the past 6 months. Friendly, professional team from sale, customer support through to installation. Highly recommend

Natasha Nova

I was surprised to receive a follow up call from Sapphire Solar, as an after instalment consultation. I wasn’t sure what it was about. Carolina introduced herself and explained that it is a follow up on how things were going and to do some comparisons to existing supplier VS what else is available. I was so glad for this as firstly, it helped me to understand what the information of charges and buy back of energy meant on my bill and also made me aware of what other better offers were available. I could see where I was being overcharged on my bill which meant that the benefit of having both Solar and battery were not being optimised, due to energy retailers charges.
With this information, Carolina was able to show me better offers available which meant I could either renegotiate with existing energy retailers or switch to a better deal with alternative retailers that Carolina was able to suggest, based on what they were offering.
It was also good to touch base with Carolina in my home so we could go over the bill information in detail.
I was really appreciative and happy with the follow up service, and Carolina was so lovely and informative. She was able to simplify and explain in uncomplicated terms, how to understand the bill charges. I am so glad that she will be in touch in the future, overseeing how things are going with my solar and battery as well as keep me personally up to date with best deals.

Lyn Campbell

Very satisfied with the job and would love to recommend to others Sapphire Solar with Ross,another happy custumer.

Kylie Stafford

I was hesitant as first, however Ros’s knowledge of his product was extensive and he showed us value for money. The company used quality products, and were very efficient and careful of our property at instillation time. I have had considerable savings on my power bills and am happy we decided to go solar with Sapphire Solar.

Min Nguyen

Got panels and battery from Sapphire Solar about 1 year ago. The whole process was beautiful, Ross came here and explained everything, I call him my angel. I am very happy with the service provided by Sapphire Solar. Now they have a customer service dedicated person come and check how my bills are and make sure everything is good.

Min Nguyen

Joanne Holo

Very happy with the solar system and the savings we get. Bills in credit. No problems with equipment. I don’t have to do anything, it just works

We’re also excited to introduce the

 sonnenBatterie Evo

– a fully integrated AC coupled storage system designed for outdoor and indoor installations. German engineered and made.

Get the next generation of solar with cash
back from Sapphire Solar!

Get the next generation of solar with cash back from Sapphire Solar!