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Get more out of your solar investment with batteries from $3,980!*

Are you a solar homeowner and want to get more out of your investment? With batteries from only $3,980*, take control of your power and pave your way to $0 bills!

“We now have no bill but at $25/month credit on average for the past 6 months” – Sapphire Solar customer Petrine. P ~ now if that’s not proof in the pudding, we’re not sure what is…

At Sapphire, we’re the largest independent supplier of a huge range of batteries and are dedicated to finding the best solar solutions for our customers to help them achieve $0 bills. We’ve been working hard to ensure every step of the process is spot on. Our focussed customer care approach is here to resolve any customer issues you may experience as soon as possible.

Did you know we also have a local service centre right here in Richmond? Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

Get in touch with us today by filling out the form below for a free quote and to check your rebate eligibility. Prices based on 5kWh Alpha ESS and eligibility for Solar Battery Rebate.*

Phone: 1300 308 751 

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