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Because you want to maximise the yield in winter. We clip the yield in the peaks of the year as we need as much power for winter as possible. In addition in Summer you can leave on Air-conditioner during the day because with the Goodwe Hybrid inverter if you 8.5kW of solar is putting producing 8500W and you have the house using 3-4000W the inverter will run all of that and put the other 5000 units to the battery or sell to the grid.
This is a unique function and benefit of having the Hybrid inverter so take advantage of it. When it is winter and the 8.5kW of solar is only putting our 3 -5000W of power you have enough to fill the battery. If you only had 6.6kW then if would produce only 2-4000W which is under utilising the inverters ability plus you may not fill the battery. It makes sense to fill the battery to 8.5kW.

A VPP is a collection of home solar batteries that can provide on-demand battery power to support the electricity grid in times of need. Basically, when the grid needs more power, it uses home batteries instead of burning more fossil fuels. In return, households receive a premium rate payment.

You will get paid premium rates or the excess battery power you feedback to the grid. There are many benefits of a VPP – it stabilises the grid, prevents blackouts, lowers electricity costs… and that’s all great. But what’s in it for you? Cash back in your pocket!


LFP batteries deliver at least 2500 – 3000 full charge/discharge cycles before reaching 80% of original capacity. Typical NMC batteries deliver 500 – 1000 full charge/discharge cycles before reaching 80% of original capacity. This means that LFP batteries provide FOUR times more cycle life than typical NMC batteries – LFP is a 20year plus product.

In addition, NMC batteries use Cobalt — sometimes called “blood-colbat” which comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where workers toil in often horrible conditions.




At Sapphire, we’re committed to putting the solar energy supply and battery storage of the future in the hands of all Australians.

 $70 -$100 per month back into my pocket. 

I’ve had my solar energy system for 12 months now, love it, after my own usage, it is returning between $70 -$100 per month back into my pocket. Happy to recommend Sapphire Solar.


Wolfgang Katz

Very happy with our solar.

Very happy with our Solar energy solutions, and the process from agreement to installation was extremely smooth with great communication and installers that clearly took a lot of care with what they were doing.


Dean Millson

Great product would certainly recommend.

Thanks to Sapphire Solar from start to finish. From Adam to GED and his team of installers for a very neat and tidy installation. Great product. Would certainly recommend.


Neil Mortland


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