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Not eligible for the battery rebate? You can still eliminate your power bill.

Many of us are not eligible for the VIC Government Rebate for various reasons, but this is not all bad news. Why? In a nutshell, all this means is your payback period is approx. six years instead of five if you had the rebate!

Do you know what you would spend on power over the next 6-10 years based on the anticipated yearly 10% power increase without Solar + Battery + VPP?


Year 1 $3,000 

Year 2 $3,300 

Year 3 $3,630 

Year 4 $3,993 

Year 5 $4,392 

Year 6 $4,831 = $23,146 spent on electricity over 6 years without Solar + Battery + VPP

Year 7 $5,315 

Year 8 $5,846 

Year 9 $6,431 

Year 10 $7,074 = $47,812 spent on electricity over 10 years without Solar + Battery + VPP 

*Calculations above based on an average electricity bill of ($) P/qtr and estimated yearly 10% power increase.

Don’t waste money and miss the opportunity to eliminate your power bill. Replace with $0 zero down and get rid of your power bill with Solar + Battery + VPP with a 6 year payback period and a 10 year warranty with savings that will last you and your family 20+ years! 

Call us now to pave your way to $0 bills.