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Solar + Batteries – Complete Solar Solutions

Panels collect energy from the sun.

Inverters convert the energy into what you use in your home or business.

Batteries store extra daytime solar energy for use at night.

During the day, if your system is properly designed and installed, you will use your solar power during the day, battery power at night, and will only need the grid as a last resort.

    WHY YOU NEED solar + batteries

    Example 1: You only have solar panels

    When the sun is shining, your house is powered by solar which is only great if you’re home to use it. But, if you’re at work for most of the day the power is getting sent straight back the grid – you’re not using it and you have no place to store it. In return, the grid will provide you with a credit called the ‘solar feed in tariff’.

    But, typical of the big energy companies, this rate has been dramatically slashed over the years and
    it is not going to be around forever.

    Example 2: You have solar panels with a battery

    When you add a battery to your system, your solar power generated during the day is stored and waiting for you when you get home. Turn the aircon on, run the dishwasher – you’ve got a battery full of power waiting to be used! Don’t wait to install your battery now when you will only have to do it later. 

      Be Completely Energy Self-Sufficient 

      with Solar Panels & Batteries + VPP

      Being self-sufficient means you can take control of your home energy needs, dramatically lower your electricity bills, and have power during a blackout thanks to solar panel systems, batteries and virtual power plants (VPP).

      With energy usage tipped to increase by up to 50% due to self-isolation and work from home measures, people need real and affordable solutions when it comes to power and supply.


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